Make a Magic Ball of Yarn

I was surfing the web today looking for some knitting, crocheting, and looming inspiration when I stumbled on to a forum post on Ravelry about ways to use up all those scraps of yarn that we yarny people seem to accumulate. Seriously, people, where do they come from? I have enough yarn scraps to reach the moon and back!

But I digress …

The thread mentioned something I have never heard of before: a magic yarn ball. A magic yarn ball, for those of you like myself who were not in the know, is a yarn ball that is a ball of yarn wound from scraps of yarn. You take lengths of yarn that are between three to eight yards long and start winding. When you reach then end of one piece of yarn, you join a new piece of yarn by either tying a knot or using a Russian join.


I had to find out more so I did some Googling and some YouTubing (are those real words?) and about 5 minutes later I was watching the following video clip from Jimmy Beans Wool:

I have tons of scrap yarn sitting around on shelves, in drawers, and in bags … ugh, I have yarn scraps everywhere!

This is a real inspiration.It’s a great way to be green too since all that yarn will be saved from going to a landfill.

I’m envisioning an afghan to cuddle up with on the sofa.

Daily Inspirations

Nutmegan Creative Exploration’s Crochet Earflap Hat

Dainty Loop’s Pink Snood Cowl

DIY Shoe Accessories by Craft Snob

Elizabeth Carl’s Color Block Felted Mitten Patterns

Brown Blended Green Chunky Boots-Slippers by The Happy Feet

Cozy Season’s Rich Deep Blue Ruffle Mohair Scarf


Here are a few things I’ve been viewing lately. These aren’t all yarn-related but they’ve been fueling my creativity and I thought they were cool enough to share.

Lasunka’s Crochet Brown Hat

Kacey Kendrick Wagner’s Candlestick Topiary

Crochet Hearts by The Late Afternoon

Foodie Family’s Nana’s Spanish Style Hot Chocolate

Dressed Up Loom Knit Hats by In Words and Pictures

Zoom Yummy’s Crocodile Stitch Purse

How I Lost My Mind & Made a Rag Bag

I haven’t post any new content lately but I have a legitimate reason: I’m going to school, working, and haven’t been doing much crocheting, knitting, or looming so there hasn’t been any new content to add to the site. I think I might have found something to help me post more updates. I received a Flip Camera as an early Christmas present and am experimenting with the idea of posting videos of myself making a few of my projects. It appears to be faster than typing out my ideas. Well, at least to me anyway. That’s probably because I’m a writer and I’m never 100% satisfied with anything I write and have to constantly go over and over and over everything I write.

Anywho, I made a video of myself making Michelle Molis’ Grocery Bag Purse.

What I’m Up To

I need a black shrug for work – just a little airy something that comes to my elbows that I can slip on over sleeveless tops. It occurred to me that the quickest way to make this would be on a loom and if I use a single strand of worsted or dk weight yarn then that will give me that airy and/or lacy look I want.

The Purling Sprite has a really simple tutorial on her blog dated from January 2008 on the basics of creating a loomed shrug so I’m going to take her information and run with it. Stay tuned, dear reader, and I’ll post more information soon about how I make my shrug along with photos.

Check This Out …

Doesn’t this awesome, crochet rug from Lion Brand Yarn look cool in a quirky, fun kind of way? I think it would look adorable in a kid’s room or maybe in child’s themed bathroom. Too bad I don’t have a single reason to make this right now. *sigh* I’m adding it to my favorites at Ravelry anyway – just in case! 🙂

Crochet Grass Rug by Lion Brand Yarn

WIP: Bell Sleeved Shrug

Lately it seems like I’ve got a thing for knitting cream colored shrugs. I cast on this cute little shrug (also available on Ravelry) designed by Brooke Snow almost immediately after finishing my circular shrug in almost exactly the same color as my circular shrug. So far I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out.

by jeaniewh on Flckr

I’ve made a few modifications. The original pattern is knit flat and then the sleeves are seamed up afterwards. I am knitting the sleeves in the round to avoid have seaming. I’m then handling the middle section by knitting it back and forth. Also, I’m using a different yarn: the pattern calls for 2 skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease but I’m using Lion Brand Jiffy (if you’re unfamiliar with Jiffy it’s an acrylic but it looks like mohair). It’s fuzzy and cuddly – not at all a warm weather item but I started off working with yarn I had on hand. I’m finishing my 2nd skein of this yarn and about to start a 3rd and I’m only a few inches into the middle section. I think I’ll probably have to buy another skein.

Once completed I’ll post updates, my own photos, and my notes from Ravelry. Stay tuned!

Circular Shrug Update

The Circular Shrug I’ve been working on is almost done being knit up. I completed the middle section last night and started on the final ribbing section this morning. I’m not a huge fan of knitting all this knit 2 purl 2 ribbing but I like the way it looks so it’s worth it.

Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually about to FINISH my first knitted garmet project! Yippee!

Once I have all the seaming done I’ll take a few photos for your viewing enjoyment.