Daily Inspirations

Nutmegan Creative Exploration’s Crochet Earflap Hat

Dainty Loop’s Pink Snood Cowl

DIY Shoe Accessories by Craft Snob

Elizabeth Carl’s Color Block Felted Mitten Patterns

Brown Blended Green Chunky Boots-Slippers by The Happy Feet

Cozy Season’s Rich Deep Blue Ruffle Mohair Scarf


Here are a few things I’ve been viewing lately. These aren’t all yarn-related but they’ve been fueling my creativity and I thought they were cool enough to share.

Lasunka’s Crochet Brown Hat

Kacey Kendrick Wagner’s Candlestick Topiary

Crochet Hearts by The Late Afternoon

Foodie Family’s Nana’s Spanish Style Hot Chocolate

Dressed Up Loom Knit Hats by In Words and Pictures

Zoom Yummy’s Crocodile Stitch Purse