Crochet Curtains

Hubs and I moved into a new home in November. All of our windows were naked. We put up blinds in the other rooms but our laundry room had an oddly sized window that I thought would be perfect for a little crocheted set of curtains.

Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! in Brown

This yarn looks great and drapes really well

I’d originally planned to make two panels but after I finished the first one I decided that it has exactly the look I wanted.

I used 5 skeins of Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton. This yarn drapes wonderfully and looks great hanging up in my laundry room. The pattern I used is very simple and easy to customize.

Laundry room curtain

One thought on “Crochet Curtains

  1. This is great! I want to crochet something like this for our kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration! Your curtains look awesome!

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