Granny Stripes Lapghan

close-up image of granny stripes lapghan

GretchKal's Granny Stripes Lapghan

Behold, my latest completed crochet project: the granny stripes lapghan. Lucy at Attic24 has great step-by-step instructions on creating this blanket and I used yarn from my scrap bag to crochet up a blanket that is about 34 inches squared.

It’s the perfect size for the car or for sitting outside on a chilly night. I am really happy with how it turned out. I didn’t take any pictures of it when it was completed but the picture below this text is of the lapghan when it was about 80% finished.

Since I used up scrap yarn, leftover from other projects that might otherwise have been thrown away I feel like I saved the yarn from ending up in a landfill. Doesn’t that count as a “green” project? Hmm … I think so!  Another reason to love this project!

eighty percent completed granny stripes Lapghan

Eighty Percent Completed Granny Stripes Lapghan

2 thoughts on “Granny Stripes Lapghan

  1. Hi. Just today, 11/8, I was searching for a different granny square, and I came upon your site. Very nice. I have so much “grab bag yarn”, and I crochet lapghans and shoulder hugs for seniors. This is my first because I only crochet baby blankets for charities. A friend works in a nursing home and ask me if I would crochet a couple of lapghans for her nursing home. I agreed to make a couple, but I didn’t want to make the same old granny square. That’s when I found you. It looks great, but my question is: do you turn to join the new color, or cut yarn and start a new color.

    • You could do either really. For this project, I cut the yarn at each color change and weaved in the ens as I went along.

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