Turtleback Shrug

I just realized that I never posted about my OTHER pending WIP – a Turtleback Shrug. I was struck with inspiration to create this shrug one day while I was in Hobby Lobby looking at the knitting & crochet books at a book of turtleback knit sweaters, which I had never seen before but found interesting. I decided that I could make a crochet version without a pattern and so I set to work.

The idea is that you crochet a rectangle approximately 38”W x 36”L. Then fold the rectangle over on itself lengthwise and seam the sides up leaving enough of an opening at the folded edge for your arms to poke through comfortably. Slide your arms in and fold over the collar. Presto, a shrug/sweater. 🙂

I mentioned in my last post about the Circular Shrug that these two shrugs are constructed similarly and you might look at the photos in that post if you’re confused about how this shrug is going to come together.

2 thoughts on “Turtleback Shrug

    • Hi, Maria!

      It was hard for me to visualize this too before I actually made one. After the rectangle folded in half and seamed up, two armholes are created. The material in the middle of the piece becomes the back of the sweater. When you put your arms through the new armholes the edges of the piece become the collar, as well and the front and back “banding/edging.”

      Stella over at Many Twisted Stitches has a great example that illustrates what the finished product looks like.

      Hope that clears everything up!

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