Circular Shrug

I’m seriously wondering what’s wrong with me because I can’t seem to work on just one project at a time. Right now I have the following projects waiting to be finished:

  1. Turtleback Shrug
  2. Baletneck Sweater
  3. Spiral Tube Socks
  4. Fuzzy Purple Poncho
  5. Big Softie Snood
  6. String Bag
  7. Gray Ultimate Crochet Socks

That’s seven WIPS. Any other sane crafter might look at the above list and think to herself, “Gee, I should get some of these things finished.” Apparently I am either not sane or I have crafting ADD because I have started another project.


The first time I saw the pattern for the Circular Shrug I couldn’t wrap my head around how it was supposed to come together. I was still very new to knitting and the terms used in the pattern confused me (I’m still a newer knitter but I’ve been practicing) and, IMHO, the illustrations included with the pattern directions were also a little confusing. I added this to my favorites queue at Ravelry thinking that eventually I would be ready to knit a garment. The other night I was sorting through my favorites and saw this pattern and guess what? I wasn’t confused. I picked up my needles, some soft yarn, and set to work.

Basically, this pattern has you knitting up a long rectangle, folding it in half, then seaming up the sides leaving an opening for your arms to poke through. Once everything is seamed up the piece forms a circle when it’s laid down with the cast on and bound off edges facing down. (If this sounds familiar and you follow this blog you’ll know this is also the same idea behind my Turtleback Shrug.)

by julsey on Flickr

by julsey on Flickr

There are three sections of knitting – the first and last sections are knit 2, purl 2 ribbing and the middle section is mock ribbing (which I’m modifying to stockinette) – and I’ve completed the first section and have about a third of the middle section done.

I love the beginnings and the ends of projects but really don’t like when things get repetitive in the middle. I think that’s why I start and stop working on so many projects. I wonder if I should impose a ban on starting new projects until I finish work on the rest of my pending work? In theory this sounds like a logical idea and easy enough but how would I enforce this on myself?

Any suggestions?

In the mean time, I’m going to keep plugging along on this project because I really want to finish my first knitted garment.

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