Loom Knit Slippers

I’ll admit it: I haven’t had my looms out much since I taught myself how to crochet and then subsequently learned to needle knit. It’s not that I don’t enjoy loom knitting but, honestly, after learning the other two crafts, I was beginning to find looming to be too limited in the items I can create.

Having said that, when I was looking through my completed projects page at Ravelry a few days ago I remembered what fun it was making Denise Layman’s Mary Jane Parkers, (if you are not a Ravelry member you can also download this pattern for free on her website).When I made my first pair of these adorable Mary Jane style slippers for my mother last year I really liked how quickly the pattern worked up. I had originally wanted to make a pair of these slippers for myself but never got around to it and so having rediscovered the pattern I began looking through my yarn stash for the right yarn. I found some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn which was just perfect – not too bulky and not too thin – for the blue Knifty Knitter loom and set to work.

All told, I spent about 3 hours making two slippers. They turned out perfectly sized. I went back after the heel was seamed up and decided to add a single crochet border around the edges in a contrasting color just to give the slippers a little flair and they look really cute.

I’m happy I picked up my looms again for these slippers. It made me remember that I can do more than just make hats and scarves with my looms.

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