T-Shirt Yarn Experiment

While I was doing some much needed housekeeping with my bookmarks today, I stumbled on a site I’d saved several months ago on making your own yarn out of recycled t-shirts.

When I originally saw this I remember thinking, “Wow! What a clever idea!” and then I quickly buried the page away in my bookmarks. Seeing it again reminded me that I had more than one t-shirt that could be made into yarn.

I quickly gathered my supplies and set to work on two shirts. The shirts were made into “tarn” in no time flat.

And because the colors coordinated with stripes on a hand towel I found recently I’ve decided to crotchet this into a granny square bath mat for our master bathroom.

I need to find shirts in yellow, orange, and lime green to finish this off. I’m going to make a trip Goodwill tomorrow after class in search of the perfect materials.

2 thoughts on “T-Shirt Yarn Experiment

  1. Hi, your blogs and patterns are very informative! I’ve crochted for years and had never heard of a magic circle. The how-to video was great. Now, I must ask, how do you make yarn out of t-shirts? I need yarn, but so expensive, would like to recycle old t-shirts. thanks

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