Status Report


  • Big Softie Snood: I worked on this last night and I have a long weekend to really buckle down and get some work done. I hope to either get it finished or at the very least really see some progress towards getting it completed by the time Monday rolls around.
  • Hub’s Knit Scraps Hat: I just CO this hat yesterday using some scrap yarn in a color that he deemed wasn’t “too girly.” Honestly, men … But I digress. Since I don’t have enough to make the whole hat that color I’m going to use scrap yarn in stripes of coordinating colors. I sure hope that’s not too girly …

Long Term Projects:

  • Fuzzy, Purple Poncho: This is going to be a fun poncho to wear but I have to admit that the pattern has become a little boring otherwise this would have been completed a long time ago.
  • Sweet: Another case of something I’m sure I’m going to like wearing but this pattern is boring. Maybe it’s a combination of the pattern and the yarn I’m using. This might be turned into a hibernating project.


  • Gray Ultimate Crochet Socks: I already have a pair of the fantastic socks crocheted up and I love them. I wear them to bed, with my boots, and when my tootsies need to be warm and cozy. I started this second pair and finished one sock and then stopped to work on something else and didn’t pick them up again. I have one-sock-itis. Ugh.
  • String Bag: The pattern for this market bag is not complicated and is crocheted using twine. It’s rough on my hands and I think I sat this aside to give my hands a break and I just sort of forgot about it. Now it’s resting in my project bag waiting for me to pick it up again.

Queued Up:

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