Crocheted Cotton Face Rounds

First of all, let me start off by saying that I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of making my own cotton rounds so please know that I know that I’m not being totally original when I post this pattern but I really wanted to share with you how I make these. Not only are they quick and simple but most crocheters, loomers, and knitters have some cotton yarn in their stash so it’s a inexpensive way to do something green.

If you can crochet in the round then you can make these. Using a size H hook, I started with a magic ring and made 6 single crochet into the ring. Then I did a round of 2 double crochet into each single crochet followed by a round of 2 single crochet into each double crochet. Fasten off and weave in the ends. Easy, easy, easy. I use these to apply toner, to remove eye make up, etc. They take the place of cotton balls and those little throw away cotton rounds. They’re machine washable. I just throw them in a little mesh bag so they don’t get lost in the washing machine/dryer and toss them in with my undies. Heck, I bet someone really clever could crochet their own bag to launder these little guys.

16 thoughts on “Crocheted Cotton Face Rounds

  1. These area great idea. I like the fact that yours are small, just the right size for replacing cotton balls. A while back I madea few, using a scaled down flower-shaped tawashi pattern, for a friend. They turned out a bit big (about 2 and a half to three inches in diametre), so I don’t think she uses them. . .

  2. These are such a cool idea! I found them just looking through the recently added projects in the home pattern section in ravelry. Not only are they green, they help use up all the bits left over from your cotton projects!

  3. Oooo I’m going to make some right now 🙂 I think I’m going to make the Crochet Baby Sock Laundry Bag by Judith Prindle (on Ravelry) to wash them in! YAY I’m so excited!!! Thanks for making this pattern available!

  4. Hi Gretchen:

    This post is a couple years old but I just came across it. My question is, after completing the first round of double crochet in the single crochet, do you do a slip stitch before starting the single crochet in the double crochet? Or do you start right in on the single crochet? Thanks!

  5. Mary Beth: Yes, at the end of each round, slip stitch to the first stitch of the round. Make sure to chain 1 on the single crochet rounds, and chain 2 (or 3) on the double crochet round.

  6. Thanks Gretchen! I’m fairly new to crocheting so I didn’t quite figure that out. 🙂 I’ve seen lots of patterns for these but like yours the best. Thanks again.

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