Easy Shrug

I checked out the book Positively Crochet by Mary Jane Hall from the local library after seeing her Circular Shrug and Easy Shrug. I started on the Easy Shrug the same day I brought the book home and here are the results and my notes from Ravelry

Project info


Gray Easy Shrug

Easy Shrug by Mary Jane Hall

Made for



Needle and yarn


6.5 mm (K)

Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! Solids
How much?

2 skeins = 710.0 yards (649.2m)

Color family



12/22 – I’ve checked the MJH book Positively Crochet out from the library specifically to crochet this and the Circular Shrug. This is working up VERY quickly. I know that there are pattern updates on the author’s website but I’m sticking to the book for now. If I find it’s too snug as written then I’ll frog this and go with her revisions. As I already said, this is working up in no time so frogging and starting over, while tedious, wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

12/23 – I finished this late last night/early this morning during a fit of insomnia with the idea in my head that I wanted to wear this on Christmas Eve. I like how it fits everywhere except for the top of the sleeves which look strange to me especially where the seem is. I think I’ll try to see what I can do today when I’m more, um, awake to fix it.

Ends are weaved in. I re-seamed and then sewed up about two inches up into the sleeve area and that somewhat fixed the issue described above. Still not entirely happy with how this looks but overall I think this is a great shrug. I’ll get a pic of me wearing it on Christmas Eve and post.

2 thoughts on “Easy Shrug

  1. I love how your shrug turned out. I was looking for a good pattern to make a shrug, and I love this one so I think I will try it. I am fairly new at crocheting, but I have made a great number of hats and scarves. (and one blanket) Thank you for posting this it helps a lot!

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