Crochet Basket & Two Baby Blankets

I found a simple pattern at Ravelry for a crochet basket that I HAD to make. I’ve seen similar baskets like this on Ikea’s website and really liked them. Considering that I can make this for less than $4 in any color I want I’d say I found a great deal. 🙂

The pattern calls for using Lily Sugar & Cream in a solid color but I had two skeins of ombre in my stash. It looks great to me. I think if I make one of these baskets again I’ll use a solid color. Maybe cream like the inspiration piece?


The Beginnings of My Crochet Basket


Inside the Crochet Basket

In addition to the crochet basket, I have updates on the two baby blankets mentioned in my last post. I haven’t done any work on them but at least now they’re photographed for your viewing pleasure.


Fiesta Crochet Baby Blanket


Ivory & Turquois Crochet Baby Blanket

Stay tuned for more updates!



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