June Update

I haven’t posted in more than a month? Yikes! Sorry, readers! I have no good excuse except the one offered on my other blog I just posted about not having my own computer and our temporary living arrangements.

Hubs and I are living with my mother-in-law and I only brought one loom with me, my round, purple KK loom. I was working on a beanie when we moved and I’ve finished it however I haven’t had a chance to photograph anything. I used a mock-crochet stitch and ww acrylic yarn. I wanted something light for warmer weather but it’s been SOOOOOO hot and humid I can’t even begin to imagine wearing it right now!

In other news, I have discovered that I know how to crochet! LOL A few months before our move I borrowed some books from the library about knitting and crocheting with the hopes that I could teach myself how to do both. I gave up on both out of frustration with the photos and instructions. I’m a pretty hands-on person so I figured I needed to have personal instruction and was going to take a couple of classes at Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Joanns when I had time. Well, long story short … our funds are limited right now and my parent’s anniversary was coming up and I needed a gift for them. I sorted through the looming supplies I’d brought with me and saw my crochet hooks and decided to crochet a couple of cotton washcloths. Lo and behold, after I made a few chains and completed my foundation row, I suddenly realized I CAN CROCHET! I made a bunch of washcloths for both Mom & Dad and myself. I made some small, round face buds (similar to these Little Cotton Button Buds by leahstreasure’s that I found on Etsy). Now I’m working on a really cute purse (Crochet Summer Tote). Crochet is addictive and quick so I’m really having fun playing with yarns and hooks. 🙂

More updates later. Stay tuned.



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